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May 22 13

Bathtub Refinishing Designed for San Francisco

Clawfoot_Tub_After-e1281301047133If you are a home owner or an investment property owner in the San Francisco Bay area, you know the importance of adding to the value of your property. Your kitchen and bathrooms are two of the most noticed rooms in the house. You want them to say “clean,” and you don’t want them to say, “outdated.” Those two things alone add value and interest.

Bathtub refinishing, tile regrouting and tile recoloring can help you achieve those goals. Refinishing (also known as reglazing or recoating) an existing tub, sink and/or tile can give you an updated look while saving you a significant amount of money over replacement and helping you retain the charm of the original fixtures.

Refinishing a tub or tile will save you upwards of 70% over replacement costs. What many people don’t take into consideration with replacement is that the new tub or sink will usually not be the same size as the original tub so the flooring, plumbing and walls often need to be repaired or replaced as well. When you choose to refinish a bathtub, sink or tile you also do not have the major hassles associated with a full remodel. One or two days of work is usually all it takes to have your bathroom looking clean and updated.

So whether you live in the Oakland, San Jose or the San Francisco Bay area, we would appreciate the opportunity to give you an estimate on what it would take to make your home or property more attractive to live in, to sell, or to rent out. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to answer your questions so you can thoughtfully budget and plan out your next home improvement project.

May 20 13

Before and After Pictures of Tub Refinishing Projects

While we could just ask you to trust our many years of service, we’d much rather show you our work. The following refinishing jobs are a select few that we’re quite proud of.





While both the tub and tile were outdated in this blue color, the owner could only afford to refinish the bathtub, which also needed to have a rust hole repaired. Just repairing and refinishing the tub made a big difference in the look of the bathroom.





This job required tile regrouting and bathtub refinishing. What a difference these two processes made in the look of the bathroom! It only took a day and a half.

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Apr 25 13

Six Questions You Need to Ask a Bathtub Refinishing Company

1. Who is going to do the refinishing work?
There’s a big difference between dealing with the middle-man in a large company versus communicating with the person who will actually be doing the refinishing work. With Performance Tub and Tile you will be dealing with the owner from the first phone call, to refinishing the tub, to the completion of the job.

2. How long does it take to refinish a tub?
Preparation is the key to doing a job correctly. Done right, refinishing a tub normally takes 6 to 8 hours. If a company gives you a quote of 2 to 3 hours it’s very likely that they’re cutting corners.

3. Will they complete the job?
Make sure the quote you receive includes the removal of overspray paper, cleanup and caulking around the perimeter of the tub. Sometimes companies will surprise you with an extra $100 charge for paper removal and caulking, saying they need to come back another day to do it. Your bid from us will include everything so you don’t have to worry about surprises.

4. How long have they been in business?
The longer a company has been in business the more experience they’ll have. We have been in business since 1990.

5. Do they have good references?
Anyone can provide a list of 5 good jobs that they have done. They need to be able to provide you with references who continually use the company because they are satisfied with their refinishing work. You will find these on our website. We can also provide individual homeowner references on your request.

6. What kind of guarantee do they give?
Every reputable company should give a 5 year guarantee against flaking or peeling. A good refinishing job will typically last much longer than that if it is cared for properly.

Mar 25 13

The Bathtub Refinishing Process

  1. Remove all caulking, soap scum and any foreign material from tub.
  2. Thoroughly clean tub and 3 bottom rows of tile if tile is present.
  3. Sand entire tub for additional cleaning and for etching process.
  4. Repair any damaged or deep rust areas.
  5. Thoroughly rinse and dry.
  6. Wick out water between tub and tile (important for a proper caulking job later).
  7. Apply overspray paper around the perimeter of tub.
  8. Apply a bonding agent to the tub, which promotes strong adhesion of new finish.
  9. Cover floor and all fixed objects with sheets.
  10. Set up ventilation system to outside window.
  11. Spray 4 coats of glazing material.
  12. Allow ventilation system to run for one hour.
  13. Remove overspray paper.
  14. Caulk around perimeter of tub.
  15. Clean up and attach any customer provided chrome fixtures.